Translation Management Solutions

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Translation Management Solutions

In today’s translation word that translation projects continually increase in numbers, decrease in volume and have shorter deadlines, automating repeated tasks by using technology to assist production seems the only way. Let us help you with custom solutions that fit your needs in areas such as:

Translation Process Automation

Develop software for automating the translation workflow. Create custom solutions that accept jobs, retrieve data and download files from customer portals, create CAT tool projects for translation, update Translation Project Management or ERP systems with the received Orders, generate translation kits and Purchase Orders for translators and reviewers.

Translation Project Progress Monitoring

Develop custom solutions for monitoring the overall and/or vendor-based progress, productivity and quality of translation projects executed using Server, Cloud or Desktop CAT tools, at given or ad hoc time intervals. Provide custom software that can cover client specific needs such as vendor on project time tracking, translation and proofreading effort calculations, improved QA tools, monitoring of error fixing etc.

Translation Vendor Selections

AI based preferred candidate selection software for translation and review tasks, based on type of translation, domain of content, CAT tool to be used, vendor evaluation, relevant experience and work rate. In addition, the software solution can automate the vendor invitation – acceptance cycle utilizing an optimal candidate algorithm and assign the job to the resource that accepted the job sending also the needed files and PO.

Project Language Resources (TM/TB)

Software development for the project-based selection and/or creation of reference translation memories and termbases based on the type of translation, the content domain and the available public or private TMs and TBs. Automatic content domain classification can be used through private or cloud based relevant services. The translation memories created from all available resources are cleaned and optimized for reference TM use and converted to the appropriate for the project format.

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Outstanding Projects 

Server Based Fully Automated Project Workflow

  • Integration of the end-client online portal project
  • Announcement/assignment/evaluation
  • CAT tool selection for translation/review
  • Integration of customers ERP system
  • User interface for the PM to perform tasks and monitor the progress

The automation system we created is based on a series of server-based applications that run on predetermined times and work with one another, exchanging information through a server database; and a client-side application through which the PMs monitor progress, receive decision-making data and perform the needed actions.

Our system is supported by a sophisticated mechanism for recovering from errors or, if recovery is not possible, inform the relevant per issue person for the needed actions (the customer PMs, the customer IT or the TMServe developers).

Cloud Based Fully Automated Translation Workflow.

  • E-mail based workflow from mails received/send by end-client, PMs, translators and reviewers
  • Integration with end-client portal for accepting jobs, downloading files etc.
  • Automated PM, translator, reviewer invitation, acceptance and assignment
  • Full projects status, financial and work progress monitoring

The project implemented cloud-based technologies allowing for project monitoring from inside and outside the company without remote login or access to the company network.
Each step is triggered by an email and recorded in the cloud-based spreadsheet together with the progress and any encountered issues. The PM is also informed via email in the cases that action must be taken e.g. there is no available translator or reviewer for a project, or that an error has occurred that requires an action. Critical errors are reported to TMServe as well.

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