Language Resources

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Language Resources

Technical translation cannot be done in this day and age without the use of Translation Memories and Terminology Databases. We use them to ensure language and terminology consistency to improve the translation quality, to train our Machine Translation systems and to minimize the translation effort gaining on cost and time. Are you getting the most of your translation memories and termbases? Let us help you get the most out of your language resources in areas such as:

Translation Memory and Glossary Creation

Optimal structure definition and setup, data collection from old translations (hard to soft copy, file conversions, segment alignment, terminology extraction), data transformations from one tool format to the relevant TMX or TBX standard or to another tool.

TM and Glossary Optimization

Removal of unnecessary information from system and user fields, attribute and user consistency checks, recoding, meaningful grouping of data, extra styles and tags removal, duplicate entry removal, re-indexing etc.

TM and Glossary Maintenance

Removal or penalization of untrustworthy segments, validating and fixing terminology issues such as lack of adherence and consistency, black-list expressions check, correct use of punctuation, symbol consistency and number format checking and fixing.

TM and Glossary Repairs

Corrupt TM and Glossary fixing, translation unit and terminology entries salvaging, corrupt character repairing, wrong language fixing, style and font fixing, TM/Glossary splitting and merging and much more.

TM and Glossary Automation

Automation of standard and repetitive processes such as TM reorganization and backup, project TM creation, post translation TM and Glossary updates, progress monitoring using analysis, word count logs processing for PO and invoice creation, system integration etc.

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Outstanding Projects 

Reorganization and Optimization of Language Resources.

      • More than 10.000 TMs processed
      • Centralized organization of all the TMs
      • Optimization and clean-up of TM

We have been entrusted by one of our clients with the total reorganization and optimization of their Language Resources. The project involved the organization of all their TMs in terms of language pair, domain, type and client. Through this process all TMs were updated and fixed and all duplicate and non-repairable TMs were removed. The final TMs were optimized and cleaned from duplicate, corrupt and empty segments. In addition, software was developed for correctly categorizing, storing and updating the server and file-based TMs, based on TM descriptive fields and/or PM project information. Finally, software was developed for managing the TMs, concerning moving, renaming, deleting, combining and searching based on several criteria. The client now has:


      • Centralized, daily updated, organized backup of all TMs
      • Automated organized storing of TMs based on set categories
      • Tools to easily manage and locate the appropriate TMs for any project

Conversion Tool Creation

  • CAT Tool free and CAT Tool based TM to Text conversion
  • Multiple TMX variants to Text conversion
  • Text clean-up for MT training data

Another project involved the creation of a series of software tools to convert translation memories from numerus different CAT tools and TMX variants to clean text files to be used for MT training material, in some cases without the use of the relevant CAT tool. The project also involved, when needed, breaking up multilanguage proprietary TM or TMX file types to their respective language pairs, changing encodings, cleaning up the source and target segments from CAT Tool formatting information, removing invalid segments etc. In the end the client enjoyed:


  • Very fast TM/TMX to Text conversion for MT use
  • Avoiding the need to use some CAT Tools
  • Receiving per CAT tool properly cleaned MT Training Data

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