What we want to do.

The Idea

TMServe was established in 2008 by Costas Nadalis as a privately owned company based in Athens Greece. The idea behind this endeavour is to offer the translation and localisation providers and consumers in Greece and abroad specialised technical services and know-how on tools and processes.

The services are provided on a need to use basis and charged by the hour at reasonable rates, making it easy for TMServe customers to:

♦ handle technologically demanding translation projects and expand;

♦ set up or optimize their translation activities, projects and processes;

♦ create or improve their language infrastructure and tools;

♦ automate recurring work or integrate their systems minimizing time loss and errors;

♦ reduce time spent on important but rarely used knowledge acquisition or lack of know-how.

How we want to do it.

The Way

TMServe's goal is to offer services and products that will be greatly appreciated by the customers, providing:

♦ high returns on investment in a short period of time;

♦ readily visible improvements in productivity and efficiency;

♦ significant improvements in quality and quality assurance;

♦ standardisation, safety and security of production;

♦ short time implementation with minimal cost.

These services are offered whenever there is a specific client need for which a viable solution can be provided by TMServe. The work to be performed is outlined as a project and agreed upon in detail with the customer. The project specifications are set, a schedule is proposed and the cost is estimated. Once accepted, the project will be executed according to specifications as well as time, budget and quality constraints that have been set, while payment is due upon completion and final acceptance of the work by the client.

Who is doing it.

The Soul

Costas NadalisCostas Nadalis was born in Athens, Greece in 1959. He studied Math and Physics in England and Archaeology and Computer Science in Canada (McGill University). Through the years he has participated in numerous seminars on Project Management, Sales & Marketing, and various IT topics. Nowadays, he teaches and participates in seminars, conferences and events relating to translation, localisation, project management and translation tools.

He started his carrier at ORCO S.A. in 1987 as IT Specialist and Consultant and was responsible for the IT infrastructure of the company and served as the main figure behind a number of SW development and IT related projects and studies. He participated and carried out a series of organization and computerization studies for major clients, acquiring specialisation in the air transport organisation and IT systems.

He has been involved in the technical translation and software localisation business since 1989, initially as Project and Systems Manager for the IBM localisation projects and later on, for all major technical translation and localisation clients including Microsoft, HP and Oracle. He showed special interest in the use of Computer Aided Translation Tools from the early 90’s and has provided technical support and training (Certified SDL Trados trainer) to Trados users since 2002. He was Head of the Translation and Localization Department and Vice President of ORCO S.A. until 2007 and a member of the Board of Directors until 2008.

Since 2008 he is offering his services as an independent technical consultant, developer and instructor to the greater translation and localization sector in Greece and abroad.

He specialises in technical translation and localization related issues, project setup, process optimization, monitoring and control, creation and maintenance of translation memories and terminology data bases with the selection and use of the most appropriate per case tools.

He is teaching tools use (SDL Trados instructor at ORCO S.A.), translation and localization project management (tutor at meta|φραση school of translation studies), and offers ad hoc client specific training on tools and localization issues.

He is developing various client-specific translation-related applications in C#, VB, Java, and Perl for process automation in the areas of pre and post translation, file processing, translation memory and terminology updates, maintenance, optimization and backups, project creation, monitoring, accounting etc.

Costas Nadalis is a SDL Trados Certified Advanced User, a Certified Approved Trainer, a Beta Tester and an active developer of the SDL OpenExchange (second prize for most downloaded free application in 2011).

Costas Nadalis, whenever needed, collaborates with other professionals, experts in their field, to offer the best possible solutions and services to TMServe's clients.


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